Latex is a material harvested from the Hevea Brasiliensis rubber tree, through an incision into the bark and the collecting of the latex milk dripping out. The Latex foam: obtained through coagulation and vulcanization of a synthetic and/or natural latex emulsion, mixed with air.
According to important studies, this material is able to solve many allergy problems and thanks to its resilience, it is able to mould to every position and to every point of the body, so that it can guarantee remarkable health and orthopaedic benefits.
Latex is the most flexible material in nature, it regains its original shape after a repeated and prolonged pressure and it is long lasting.
With the seven differentiated zones and the different densities, the latex mattress creates an even support for the spine at all points. Based on different mould designs, it has a complex netting of horizontal and vertical airflows,which give the mattress high breathability.
Latex embraces the body and offers even support along all points. This allows the blood to flow freely and to properly to all the body parts.
Latest production technologies allow the creation of different types of latex of various densities, depending on one’s needs and weight: M – medium, F/F firm and SUPERHARD – VeryFirm.
Latex materials are manufactured with eco-friendly materials and satisfy all the requirements for an eco-friendly life style. It does not contain any dangerous chemical substances; it has safety certifications from the main European laboratories.

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Mattress Cover Topper in 5 cm LATEX . Covered in non-quilted Stretch fabric, , removable and washable. Ideal as an accessory added to your spring mattress or polyurethane mattress. Great solution for someone who wants to rest on a layer of Latex  without necessarily changing the old mattress.

Product details:

Stretch fabric, removable (mattress cover – machine wash 30º)

Inner section:

Latex  layer (H 5 cm, high density), crushproof, non-allergenic
Finished mattress height 5 cm

Additional information


(ICER0057) – 150 X 190 X H 03 CM, 90 X195CM, 157X195CM, 157 X185CM, 150 X 185CM


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